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Here are a few answers to some questions that we commonly hear that should be of some benefit.


I have a bad leak that won’t stop running. What can I do to stop it?

All homes have a main shutoff valve that can be turned off in the event of an emergency to stop the flow of water. 
Where ever the main supply line enters your home is where you will typically find the shutoff valve. In most cases, the water shutoff will be in the basement, however in some cases (in particular slab condos or townhouses) it may be found in another area such as a utility closet. 
If you see a water meter or well tank, you will almost always find a shutoff valve in that immediate area. 


If we use more than one plumbing fixture at a time the pressure drops too low – What can be done?

This problem is typically due to the water service or the piping inside the house. Most people assume that their pressure is bad however the problem may actually be the volume of water inside the piping. Many older homes have galvanized water service lines and some even have galvanized piping throughout their interior. As galvanized pipes age they begin to corrode and as the corrosion builds inside, the pipes let less and less water through. For most people, running a new service line from the street into your home proves the most beneficial. We’d be happy to look at and give estimates on any such job


Why do I get a burst of scalding hot or freezing cold water when I'm taking a shower and a toilet is flushed?

Prior to the mid 90’s most homes did not have pressure balanced valves that protected exactly such things from happening.. The easiest way to fix this in most homes is by replacing the tub or shower valve with a new one that is pressure balanced. to replace the shower valve or install what is called a tempura valve. Depending on how the house is laid out, we normally would recommend replacing the shower valve to correct this problem. Depending on the layout and situation we can usually o this without the need to have any tile work done. Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss options with you.


When we use our plumbing the downstairs bathroom toilet or tub is filling with water. What is the problem?

A bathtub or toilet that it filling with water on the lower level is caused by something blocking the sewer drain pipe. As the blockage holds water pools in the pipe and eventually backs up to the lowest open fixture, a tub or toilet. Most likely the line can be snaked out and the clog cleared however the problem could persist due to a separated pipe or roots growing through the line outside. We can work with you to fix this problem in any stage. 


I have an unusually high water bill this month and nothing has changed in terms of my use in the house. I don’t see any leaks so where am I losing water?

A leaky faucet and a running toilet can run up the cost of your water bill quickly. If you have checked and do not find any water loss inside the house then most often the leak is on the outside water service. Because it is difficult to find the problem area underground, in most cases it is more cost effective to run a new line. If you need help trying to figure out why your water bills have jumped then contact us and we’d be happy to come out and take a look.


I want to change or upgrade one of my older toilets for looks but I’ve heard the new low consumption ones need to be flushed twice to work. Are there any good brands out there that flush really well?

When the 1.6 GPF toilets were mandated back in the early 90’s many had problems with loss of flushing power. Most of the brands have improved greatly and now some even flush many times better than their older counterpart, some even with as little as 1.3 gpf. Through our years of experience there are certain brands we have come to trust more than others. Call us and we can recommend a toilet that fits your needs.


My water heater is near the end of its lifespan and I was considering opting for a new tankless water heater to save on energy costs. What is the best solution for conserving energy?

It is hard to say without knowing your home what type of water heater best suits your needs however in terms of energy conservation the tankless gas hot water heaters are roughly 25-35 percent more efficient than the older tank style. They are more expensive upfront but they pay for themselves in a few short years. They also have a 20 year lifespan to a old tank style hot water heaters 10. We will be happy to discuss all the options available to you and can help you with your best choice.


I hate wasting water and time while the shower gets hot. Is there way to correct this?

Huge amounts of water are wasted every day across the country while people wait for their water to get hot. AS water sits in your piping while not being used it begins to cool and each time you use a fixture you need to use up that cooled water before you get warmth. The farther away the fixture is from the hot water heater, the more water you waste waiting for it to get hot. The easiest way to fix this is by adding recirculating pump to your plumbing that will allow instant access to hot water when need. It is one of the products we highly recommend located with other water/energy saving items in our green plumbing section. We’d be happy to explain how the system works and install one in your home. Call today for more info.


What is the typical lifespan of a water heater? 

Life spans vary greatly depending on model and make but typically they last between 8-12 years. If your water heater is older than this, call today and have it replaced now before it fails and avoid the mess and hassle of a leak or no hot water. We also offer new gas tankless water heaters that are supposed to last 20 to 25 years according to their manufactures and cut down significantly on energy use. Give us a call to discuss any of these options. . Another big difference between a professional brand and a consumer brand is the warranty.


I am tired of having to refill my propane tanks for my grill. How do I go about getting a permanent line installed?

As long as you have either propane or natural gas in your home we are able to run a line out to where your grill is. Your grill may also have to be converted depending on what type you have but usually this is a simple task. 


All of a sudden some of my toilets and faucets started dripping. What caused this to happen?

Typically this is caused by an increase in the water pressure in your house by either thermal expansion or an increase from street pressure. Both are easily remedied and can usually be taken care of quickly. Call today and ask about what options we offer to fix such issues.

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